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Create A Conditional Free Shipping Method

This guide is for those using the Legacy version of Intuitive Shipping. If you’re using the New version of the app, go here.

Not sure which version you’re using? Find out here.

Offering Free Shipping is a great way to increase your Average Order Value. This guide teaches you how to create a Custom Shipping Method with a single, flat free shipping rate using Conditions to limit when free shipping is available at checkout.

If you prefer to activate free shipping using a cart threshold – e.g. a minimum order value or the maximum number of items in the cart – you can use the Free Shipping (Optional) setting in your existing paid Shipping Methods. To set a free shipping threshold on your Custom (flat-rate) Shipping method, go here. To set a free shipping threshold on your Live Rate Shipping Method, go here

You will need at least two (2) Shipping Scenarios to complete this setup – one for your Free Shipping Method and one for your paid Shipping Method.

However, if you are offering store-wide Free Shipping, and your only limiting factors are your Shopify Shipping Zones, you can use just a single Scenario for Free Shipping only.

Add a Free Shipping Scenario

1) Click Shipping on the main menu, then select Scenarios from the drop-down list.

2) Add A Shipping Scenario.

3) Set Visibility to On.

When Visibility is set to Off, Shipping Methods from this Scenario will only be visible when you use the customer name ‘Intuitive Shipping’ at checkout. Learn more about Visibility settings here.

4) Enter the Shipping Scenario Title – e.g. ‘Free Shipping’.

The Shipping Scenario Title is not visible to customers, but it helps keep you organized within the Intuitive Shipping app.

Set The Free Shipping Condition

1) Leave the settings under Condition Match, Product Filtering, and Advanced Options on their Default settings.

If you are offering store-wide Free Shipping, you do not need to add a Condition if you have no restrictions. Skip ahead to Add A Free Shipping Method. Otherwise, continue to Step 2.

Conditions are not required.

2) Click the Add Another Condition button.

3) Click the Condition field, then select a Condition type from the drop-down list – e.g. ‘Collection’ (from the Per Product Conditions group). You can select any Condition type to limit when Free Shipping is displayed at checkout.

4) Set the Condition logic – e.g. Equals.

5) Enter the Value of the Condition – e.g. select the Collection name from the list.

6) If you are using a Per Product Condition to limit Free Shipping, select whether ALL products or ANY product must satisfy the Per Product Condition.

For example, if you want to offer Free Shipping only if every product in the customer’s cart is from your ‘Legacy’ Collection, select ALL products must satisfy this condition. However, if you only require at least one item in the cart to be from your ‘Legacy’ Collection, select ANY product must satisfy this condition.

7) If desired, add more Conditions by repeating Steps 1 to 6.

If you add multiple Conditions, every Condition must be met to activate the Free Shipping Method.

That means, if you have two Conditions – a Per Product Condition that states Collection Equals ‘Legacy’ (ANY product must satisfy this condition) and an Entire Cart Condition that states Total is Greater Than or Equals $50.00 – a customer must purchase at least one ‘Legacy’ product and their entire cart must be at least $50.00 before taxes.

Alternatively, you can change the Condition Match setting to ANY conditions below must be satisfied. This will activate the Free Shipping Method when at least one of the Conditions is met.

Add A Free Shipping Method

1) In the Shipping Methods section, click Add Shipping Method beside a Shipping Zone that qualifies for Free Shipping.

Shipping Zones are created in your Shopify Settings and synced with Intuitive Shipping. To learn how to adjust your Shipping Zones, click here.

2) Enter a Title for your Shipping Method – e.g. ‘Free Shipping’.

Shipping Method Titles are visible to your customers.

3) If desired, complete the optional Display Settings – Service Code, Delivery Time and Description.

Set The Shipping Calculation Method

1) In the Calculate Shipping Based On section, you can leave ‘Select The Shipping Calculation Method’ on Cart quantity. This is the default setting.

Since your Shipping Cost will be set to $0.00 (free), this setting can be any Cart Value setting.

Enter A Free Shipping Cost

1) In the Shipping Costs section, click the Add Another Shipping Cost button.

2) Enter the Up To limit as the ~ tilde symbol.

In the Intuitive Shipping app, the ~ tilde symbol means ‘Infinite’ (no limit).

3) Enter the Shipping Cost as 0 (zero).

Shipping Costs are based on your default currency which is set in your Shopify settings. If you change your default currency in Shopify, be sure to re-sync your settings with Intuitive Shipping.

4) Leave the Per Unit (Optional) setting blank.

5) Additional Settings are not required for Free Shipping.

Save Your Free Shipping Method

Click the Save button to save your Shipping Method!

Create Additional Shipping Methods

To add a Free Shipping Method to additional Shipping Zones:

1) Click Copy beside your new Free Shipping method.

2) Select another Shipping Zone from the Copy Shipping Method popup box.

This will create an exact copy of the Free Shipping Method in this Shipping Zone.

If you want to exclude certain Zones from having Free Shipping, do not add or copy a Shipping Method to those Zones.

Save Your Settings

When you return to the Edit Shipping Scenario screen, click the Save button!

You just created a Free Shipping Method!

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Updated on December 20, 2021

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