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Create a Free Shipping Method

Offering Free Shipping on orders over a specified cart value is a great way to increase your Average Order Value (AOV). Here’s how to create a Free Shipping Method for your store. 

You will need at least two (2) Shipping Scenario to complete this setup – one for your Free Shipping Method and one for your paid shipping method

Add a Free Shipping Scenario

  • Click the Shipping menu button, then select Shipping Scenarios from the drop-down list.
  • Set Visibility to On.
  • Enter the Shipping Scenario Title as ‘Free Shipping’.

The Shipping Scenario Title is not visible to customers, but it helps keep you organized within the Intuitive Shipping app.

Set The Free Shipping Scenario Condition

  • Leave the Default settings under Condition Match, Product Filtering, and Products with Custom Shipping Charges.
  • Click the Add Another Condition button.
  • Click the Condition field. Then from the list of options, select Total under the Whole Cart Conditions section.
  • Set the Condition to Greater Than Or Equals.
  • Enter the Value as the cart subtotal that qualifies the customer for free shipping – e.g ’75’ if the amount is $75.00 dollars.

Create A Shipping Method

  • In the Shipping Methods section, click Add Shipping Method beside the Shipping Zone that qualifies for Free Shipping.

Shipping Zones are determined by your Shopify Settings. To learn how to adjust your Shipping Zones, click here.

  • Create a Title for your Shipping Method – e.g. ‘Free Shipping’.

Select The Shipping Calculation Method

  • In the Calculate Shipping Based On section, select Combined Total under the Combined Product Values section.

Enter The Shipping Costs

  • In the Shipping Costs section, click the Add Another Shipping Cost button.
  • Under Up To, enter the ~ symbol.

In the Intuitive Shipping app, the ~ symbol means ‘Infinite’.

  • Enter the Shipping Cost as 0 (zero).
  • Leave all Optional settings blank.

Save Your Shipping Method

Click the Save button to save your Shipping Method!

Create Additional Shipping Methods

Repeat the Create A Shipping Method steps above for each additional Shipping Zone that qualifies for Free Shipping.

Save Your Settings

  • When you return to the Edit Shipping Scenario screen, click the Save button!

You just created a Free Shipping Method!

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Updated on September 3, 2020

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