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Create a Shipping Scenario

Shipping Scenarios allow you to customize shipping costs based on weight, quantity, distance or checkout total.

Or you can pull in live carrier rates and add custom conditions or price adjustments.

Add A Shipping Scenario

  • Click the Shipping menu button, then select Shipping Scenarios from the drop-down list.
  • Click the Add Shipping Scenario Button.
  • Under General Settings, set Visibility to On.

When Visibility is set to Off, all Shipping Methods within the Scenario Scenario will be hidden from your customers.

  • Enter a Title for your Shipping Scenario – e.g. ‘Express Shipping’.

Shipping Scenario Titles are not visible to customers, so name them something that keeps you organized.

Assign Conditions (Optional)

  • Select a Condition Match to choose which Conditions must be met. You can choose ‘Any’, ‘All’ or ‘None’.
  • Select a Product Filtering option to choose which products are included in the shipping calculation based on the Conditions.
  • Choose whether or not Products with Custom Shipping Charges are included.
  • Click the Add Another Condition button to add custom Conditions.
  • Set your Condition value.
  • To add more Conditions, click the Add Another Condition button and set the values for each.

To delete a Condition, click the Trash Can button to the right of the Condition.

Add a Shipping Method

  • Add a Shipping Method for each Shipping Zone – e.g. ‘United States’.

Shipping Zones are determined by your Shopify Settings. To learn how to adjust your Shipping Zones, click here.

Save Your Settings

Click the Save button!

Nicely Done!

You just created a Shipping Scenario!

What’s Next: Create A Custom Shipping Method

Updated on October 29, 2019

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