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How To Test Your Setup In Test Mode

Easily test your Intuitive Shipping setup while still in Testing Mode.

Test Your Setup

  • Go to your store’s Checkout page.
  • Enter the Customer Name as (first name) Intuitive (last name) Shipping. This will trigger your Intuitive Shipping rates to appear.

If you’re using Intuitive Shipping to create Wholesale/ Retail Shipping Pricing, Loyalty Shipping Tiers, etc., you will need to create a Customer Account with the applicable Customer Tags, and use the Customer Name Intuitive Shipping for the testing account.

Enable Carrier Calculated Rates

When testing new or updated Shipping Scenarios or Shipping Methods using Live Rates, you’ll need to make sure Carrier Calculated Rates are enabled. If they aren’t enabled, your Live Rates will not appear at checkout, even in Testing Mode. In addition, you’ll see a red banner on the Intuitive Shipping Dashboard.

  • To learn how to enable Carrier Calculated Rates, click here, then click ‘Enable Carrier Calculated Rates‘ in the article Contents.

Clear the Shopify Cache

When testing updated Shipping Scenarios or Shipping Methods, you may need to clear the Shopify cache in order to see updated rates. If you’re testing after a change has been made in Intuitive Shipping:

  • Change the address line in a slight way – e.g. change ‘123 Main St.’ to ‘1234 Main St.’

You do not need to change the name or postal/zip code, as these may affect the calculations.

Once you’ve finished testing your setup in Testing Mode, you’ll need to Activate Your Account to start using Intuitive Shipping for live checkouts.

Updated on October 8, 2019

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