Activate Your Account

Ready to activate your Intuitive Shipping account?

Before customers have access to your Intuitive Shipping setup, you should make sure everything is working as expected.

Test Your Setup

  • Be sure that all of your Shipping Scenarios have their Visibility set to On. To learn more about turning on Visibility, click here.
  • We strongly recommend that you test each Shipping Scenario and Shipping Method in your store before going live. To learn more about how to test your setup in Testing Mode click here.

When all your Shipping Scenarios are visible and all of your tests are successful… you’re ready to go!

We’ll check for you! If you have any concerns about your setup, let us know! Our team will be happy to review everything for you.

Activate Your 14-Day FREE Trial

  • Click the Billing menu button.

Update Your Billing Notifications

  • If desired, under Billing, add a Secondary Email address where billing notifications can be sent.

The Primary Email address is automatically imported from your Shopify account and cannot be changed within Intuitive Shipping. If you change the email address associated with your Shopify account, be sure to re-sync your Shopify settings with Intuitive Shipping.

Select A Plan

  • Choose from one of the Pricing options. Be sure to set your Maximum Usage Billing Limit.

Shopify mandates that all third-party apps have a Maximum Usage Billing Limit that is chosen by the customer. The Maximum Usage Billing Limit is the maximum we are allowed to charge for overage charges.

If you exceed your Monthly Usage Billing Limit, Intuitive Shipping will no longer return rates at checkout until your account is updated. To avoid service interruptions, we strongly encourage you to set your Maximum Usage Billing Limit to at least double your plan price. To learn more about Maximum Usage Billing Limits, check our our Billing FAQ.

  • This will direct you to the Shopify page prompting you to accept recurring billing.

Once you’ve agreed to accept recurring billing, your 14-Day FREE Trial will begin. You do not need to re-activate Intuitive Shipping after your FREE Trial ends.

When your 14-Day FREE Trial ends, you will be automatically billed for Intuitive Shipping through your Shopify account.


You’ve just activated Intuitive Shipping!

Updated on July 27, 2020

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