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How To Restrict Shipping By Product

This guide is for those using the New version of Intuitive Shipping. If you’re using the Legacy version of the app, go here.

Not sure which version you’re using? Find out here.

Does your store sell perishables, restricted, HAZMAT or dangerous products that can’t be shipped to certain regions? Here’s how to easily restrict certain products from shipping to specific zones without using conditions in Scenarios, and without preventing ‘standard’ products from shipping to the same areas.

Learn more about zones.

This guide is useful if your product restrictions are simply geographical, meaning you can’t ship a product beyond certain boundaries. If your product restrictions are more complex than just zones – maybe they can ship by ground but can’t be shipped by air – learn how to create a controlled product shipping method using product conditions in your Scenarios here.

Restrict Products From Zones

Product settings let you restrict which zones products can ship to.

1) Click Products on the sidebar menu

2) Search for a product by scrolling through the list or by filtering the list.

You have three (3) filtering options to choose from:

Filter by name – type in the full or partial name of the product, then hit Enter.

Filter by type – select the product type from the drop-down list.

Filter by vendor – select the product vendor name from the drop-down list.

Product types and vendors are assigned in your Shopify Product Information Settings.

3) Click Edit beside the product you wish to restrict from certain zones .

4) Scroll down to Shipping settings, then click Show additional shipping settings.

5) Select the zone or zones you want the product to be excluded from. When selected, customers from these zones attempting to purchase the product will be unable to complete their checkout until they remove the product from the cart.

Using the example from the image above, customers who live anywhere in the United States will be unable to purchase this product.

Products should be able to ship to at least one zone.

‘Do not ship to regions’ settings do not prevent shipping calculations from other rate sources.

That means, if you still have rates from other sources, like Shopify or another third-party calculator, products with ‘do not ship to regions’ selected in Step 5 will only be prevented from seeing rates calculated by Intuitive Shipping. Our system cannot block or override rates from other sources, including Shopify.

If desired, adjust other product settings.

Learn more about product settings.

Save Your Settings

1) Click the Save button to save your updated product settings.

After saving, repeat the steps above for each additional product that needs to be restricted by zones.

Updated on November 15, 2022

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