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How To Restrict Shipping By Product

Does your store sell perishables, restricted, HAZMAT or dangerous products that can’t be shipped to certain regions? Here’s how to easily restrict certain products from shipping to specific Shipping Zones without using Conditions in Scenarios.

Shipping Zones set up in your Shopify Settings and synced with Intuitive Shipping. To learn how to adjust your Shipping Zones, click here.

This guide is useful if your product restrictions are simply geographical, meaning you can’t ship beyond certain boundaries. If your product restrictions are more complex than just Shipping Zone – maybe they can ship by Ground but can’t be shipped by air – click here to learn how to create a controlled product Shipping Method using product Conditions in your Scenarios.

Restrict Products From A Shipping Zone

1) Click Products on the main menu.

2) Click Edit beside the Product you wish to restrict from a Shipping Zone.

3) Under Additional Settings in the Shipping Zone Settings(Optional) section at the bottom of the Product page, check the box beside the Do Not Ship to This Zone box(es) that correspond to the Shipping Zone(s) you wish to prevent the product from shipping to – e.g. ‘Rest of world’.

4) If your Product has Variants – e.g. different colors or sizes – and only certain Variants can’t be shipped to certain Shipping Zones, click Show Variants below the Shipping Zones Settings.

If every Variant is restricted from a Shipping Zone, you only need to enable Do Not Ship for the master product (Step 3 above) and you can skip Step 5.

5) Check the box beside the Do Not Ship to This Zone box(es) that corresponds to the Shipping Zone(s) for each restricted Variant.

When Do Not Ship to This Zone is enabled, customers from this Shipping Zone will be unable to complete their checkout while this product is in their cart.

Save Your Settings

Click the Save button!

Restrict More Products

Repeat the above steps to enable Do Not Ship to This Zone for any additional products.

Updated on May 11, 2021

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