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Your store’s contact email address is synced with Intuitive Shipping when you first install the app and complete the setup checklist. We’ll use this email to send you important notifications and reminders from the app.

If you want notifications to go to an alternative address, you can add a secondary email contact to Intuitive Shipping. You can also add a contact phone number, which we’ll only use to reach you in urgent situations that involve your account.

Change The Primary Email Contact

The Primary email contact address is synced with your Shopify settings and cannot be changed within the app.

If you change your store contact email in Shopify, you will need to re-sync your Shopify account settings with Intuitive Shipping.

To change your primary email contact address:

1) Click on your store name at the far right of the app header, then select Shopify admin from the drop-down list. This will open your Shopify admin screen in a new browser tab.

2) Click Settings on the admin sidebar menu in Shopify.

3) Click General in the Settings menu.

4) Change the Store contact email address.

5) Click the Save button to update your store contact email in Shopify.

6) Return to the browser tab with Intuitive Shipping.

7) Click Shopify connection on the sidebar menu.

8) Click Sync account settings.

Once the sync is completed, your primary email contact will be updated in your Account.

9) Click on your store name at the far right of the app header, then select Account from the drop-down list.

10) Confirm your primary email contact has been updated.

If there are no other changes to make, skip ahead to Save Your Settings. If you want to add other contact info to your account, continue to the next section.

Add Secondary Email Contact and Phone Number

If you want important notifications and reminders to be sent to an email address that is different than your store contact email, you can add a secondary email contact. And, if you want us to reach you in case of an urgent account issue that might be impacting store checkouts, you can add a telephone number as well.

1) If desired, enter a secondary email contact.

2) If desired, enter a telephone number.

Save Your Settings

1) Click the Save button to save your account settings.

Updated on October 22, 2021

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