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How To Enter Carrier Account Credentials

When you create a Live Rate Shipping Method or a Live Rate Combined Shipping Method, you can add your carrier account credentials to Intuitive Shipping during setup. When your account credentials are saved in the Shipping Method, live shipping rates displayed at checkout are based on your negotiated rates with the carrier.

You can add your carrier account credentials during setup or you can add them later if you don’t currently have an account with the carrier.

Carrier account credentials are not required for most carriers. If you do not have a carrier account with one of our partners, Intuitive Shipping uses the carrier’s standard retail rates if available.

Intuitive Shipping cannot access Shopify’s discounted carrier shipping rates. Learn how to use Intuitive Shipping with Shopify’s discounted rates here.

Add Carrier Credentials To A Live Rate Shipping Method

1) Add A Shipping Scenario or edit an existing one.

2) In the Shipping Methods section, click Edit beside an existing Live Rate Shipping Method or add a new one.

3) Enter or edit the Shipping Method’s Display Settings as needed.

4) In the Calculate Shipping Based On section – if not already selected – choose the desired Shipping Carrier from the Live Rates section of the drop-down list.

5) In the Carrier Settings section – e.g. UPS Settings – enter your carrier credentials.

The Carrier Settings section is named after the carrier you selected in Step 4.

For example, if you had selected FedEx instead of UPS in Step 4, the Carrier Settings section would be labeled ‘FedEx Settings’.

6) If needed, finish setting up your Live Rate Shipping Method.


Each carrier has different credential requirements. For example, in addition to other account information, UPS requires an XML Access Key and FedEx requires an Authentication Key, whereas USPS requires just a User ID and Password.

USPS (United States Postal Service)

Click here for a list of carrier services supported by Intuitive Shipping.

Updated on June 3, 2021

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