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How To Set Up Your Printful Rates

When you install the Printful app in your Shopify store, it automatically creates Shopify Shipping Profiles.

  • To view this, click Settings at the bottom of the Shopify sidebar menu, then click Shipping.

You can use these Printful: Print-on-Demand Profiles to generate your Printful rates.

However, if you want more complex, customized blending of rates, we recommend integrating Printful and setting up a Printful Shipping Scenario within Intuitive Shipping. Situations where using Intuitive Shipping with Printful can be beneficial include:

  • Multi-tier rates – e.g. offering your standard shipping rates, then adding Printful rates on top of the standard rates.
  • Free Shipping based on the whole cart amount – e.g. free shipping over $50.

To integrate Printful with Intuitive Shipping, follow the steps below.

If you have assigned products to any of the Printful Shipping Profiles and you are integrating Printful with Intuitive Shipping, be sure to migrate those products to your General Profile.

Get Printful API Key

To integrate Printful with Intuitive Shipping, you must enter a Printful API Key when setting up the Printful Shipping Method. Here’s how to obtain the API Key from Printful.

  • Go here and sign into your Printful Account.
  • Or, click Apps on the Shopify sidebar menu, then select Printful from the list of installed apps.
  • Click Settings on the Printful menu, then click on API.
  • Under API Access, copy the API Key.
*not an actual API Key
  • Click Apps on the Shopify sidebar menu again, then select Intuitive Shipping from the list of installed apps.

Add A Shipping Scenario

  • Click the Shipping menu button, then select Shipping Scenarios from the drop-down list.
  • Click the Add Shipping Scenario Button.
  • Under General Settings, set Visibility to On.

When Visibility is set to Off, all Shipping Methods within the Scenario Scenario will be hidden from your customers.

  • Enter a Title for your Shipping Scenario – e.g. ‘Printful’.

Shipping Scenario Titles are not visible to customers, so name them something that keeps you organized.

Set Printful Vendor Condition

  • Leave the Default settings under Condition MatchProduct Filtering, and Products with Custom Shipping Charges.
  • Click the Add Another Condition button.
  • Click the Condition field. Then from the list of options, select Vendor under the Individual Product Conditions section.
  • Check the box beside Printful.

If you prefer, you can set the Condition based on another Product Condition Type, such as ‘Tag’ or ‘SKU’, instead of using the Vendor Condition.

Create a Shipping Method

  • In the Shipping Methods section, click Add Shipping Method beside the Shipping Zone that applies to your Printful Scenario.

Shipping Zones are determined by your Shopify Settings. To learn how to adjust your Shipping Zones, click here.

  • Create a Title for your Shipping Method – e.g. ‘Printful’.
  • In the Calculate Shipping Based On section, select Printful from the drop-down list under the Integrations section.
  • In the Printful Settings section, paste the API Key obtained in the Get Printful API Key section above into the API Key field.

Optional Settings

  • Adjust the optional settings as required.

Adjust Final Shipping Costs

  • Enter the Minimum Cost. If the shipping cost is less than this value, it will be adjusted to the Minimum Cost.
  • Enter the Maximum Cost. If the shipping cost is more expensive than this value, it will be adjusted to the Maximum Cost.
  • Enter the amount of Mark Up or Mark Down to be applied to the final shipping cost.

Additional Fees

  • Enter any miscellaneous Handling costs – e.g. packaging material costs.
  • Enter any Insurance fees.

Insurance fees can be entered as a flat rate – e.g. 2.00 – or as a percentage – e.g. 3%.

Round The Shipping Cost

  • Select whether or not to Round the Shipping Cost Up or Down. By default, this is set to ‘do not round’.
  • Select the amount of rounding from the drop-down.

Save Your Settings

Click the Save button!

Nicely Done!

You just set up a Printful Shipping Scenario!

Updated on April 14, 2020
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