Why don't I see any recent activity on the Activity page?

Recent activities are displayed from the past seven (7) days. If you haven’t had any activity in this period, no activities will be displayed.

Why can't I filter by a Profile Condition?

To filter your activity by a Profile Condition, you must have Profile Conditions set up.

Why can't I filter by a Shipping Profile?

To filter your activity by a Shipping Profile, you must have Shipping Profiles set up for your store.

Profile Conditions

How many Profile Conditions do I need to use Automate Shipping Profiles?

You only need to create one Profile Condition. To take advantage Automate Shipping Profiles, you should have at least two Shipping Profiles.

Do I need more than one Shipping Profile?

Yes. In order to gain the benefit of Automate Shipping Profiles, you’ll need to have at least two Shipping Profiles.


How do I add another Shipping Profile to the Default Shipping Profiles list?

Shipping Profiles are determined by your Shopify settings. To learn how to create a new profile, click here.

Why can't I run a Bulk Update?

Bulk Updates are only available if your account is active. If your account is not active, a reminder will be displayed beside this feature. To learn how to activate your account, click here

If your account is active and you still can’t run a Bulk Update, check your Settings later. Bulk updates can only be run once per hour.

Can I use Automate Shipping Profiles while syncing is in progress?

Absolutely! Feel free to continue using the app. To take advantage of your synced settings, be sure to wait until syncing has finished.

We recommend performing an app sync prior to running a Bulk Update to ensure the latest information is being used before updating your product catalog.


Why can't I test in Setup mode?

To use automations and access all of the features in Automate Shipping Profiles, your account must be active.

Is there a free trial period?

At this time, you must select a Pricing plan to activate Automate Shipping Profiles.

How do I activate my account?

To active your account, go to Billing and select a Pricing plan.

Can I change my Pricing plan?

Of course! You can change your current plan at any time.

To change to lower tier plan, your current usage must be lower than the limit of the plan you wish to change to.

What happens if I exceed my plan limit?

Once your current usage reaches your plan limit, automations will be suspended. We’ll send you a notification email, and you’ll have the option to move to a higher Pricing tier.

Can I use Automate Shipping Profiles when automations are suspended?

If you reach your plan limit and automations are suspended, you can use the app the same way you did before activation. In order to resume automations and access all the app’s features, you’ll need to move to a higher Pricing tier.

What happens if I delete the app?

If you uninstall the app, your settings will be saved for five (5) minutes. During this time, you can reinstall Automate Shipping Profiles and access all of your saved settings.

If you do not reinstall within five minutes, your shop data will be lost and your account will be deactivated.

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Updated on October 11, 2019

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